The First Post is the Deepest (kind of)

Well, hello there. I am W.A. “Andy” Hughes, blogger, writer, and general content enthusiast who is the etcher of all things you will find on this page. I’ve had many blogs over the years, and this will be my attempt to once again regularly post about things that interest me. Here you can expect to find my thoughts on pop culture, progressive rock, writing, or whatever interests me at the moment. And you can also find links to all of my previously published work and the new places that they will (with luck) appear.

Right now there isn’t that much to look at, I’ll admit, but you can check out the “My Work” page to get a taste of some of the various things I’ve had published around the net-o-tubes, as well as the About page to find a little (emphasis on little) more about me.

As usual, I’ve got roughly 17 billion plates spinning right now, but I’ll answer one pretty obvious question: what does the title of this blog mean, and am I trying to rip of David Bowie or did that kind of happen accidentally?

You can probably guess the answer to the second part, so I’ll address the first. As a child, I would often get engrossed in my own little world reading, playing video games or something along those lines so that it was difficult to get my attention. My parents (and I bet several others as well) would often encourage me to “get to a stopping point” so I could come downstairs and eat dinner/do my homework/get checked for ticks etc. (anyone who grew up in a semi-rural area like me will understand). This phrase has always stuck with me, and now the Stopping Point is whatever I want it to be. Which could be insightful commentary on the state of the world, or, depending on how few followers I get, devolve into rampant clickbait pictures of cats and celebrity torsos. Ha! Jokes! For now…

Anyways, feel free to let me know if you have non-threatening questions for me and I promise I’ll ditch the teal font soon. Any suggestions? I’ve always been partial to burnt sienna myself.