Hark! is required omni-seasonal listening

Plug time! Plug, plug, plug. So, some super-nice friends of mine, RJ and Ian, have a great podcast called HARK where they review, rate and analyze different holiday songs (no word yet if they’re willing to tackle instrumentals as well as vocal tracks, which means we may be safe from Trans-Siberian Orchestra for a while yet). It’s the sort of woefully specific pop criticism you don’t know you need in your life until you find it, and I would be telling you to listen to it even if I didn’t contribute the song ideas for the most recent episode, “Non-sequential, Santa.” But I did, and the results were great, and you should totally check that and their earlier episodes out, too. They may have already done “Wonderful Christmastime,” but I figured I’d link to one of my favorite remixes of the song above, a pairing that improves it 200%, which is why it’s up there. For the actual podcast, check out the link here!