Check out: Microchondria II at the Harvard Book Store

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything worth shilling, so here’s an update: I have a piece in the short short short story collection, Microchondria II available at the Harvard Bookstore. I have no idea if there are still copies available at the physical location or how long they might be there so check them out. My short story, “At Night,” is almost literally a compilation of thoughts rattling around my head during a snow February evening, and I bet many will be able to relate. Learn more about it here and be sure to check back for more news! There are four possible covers but that one is my personal favorite.

Also, thanks to the HBS and all the staff involved for coordinating a reading for the different participants. Even if we didn’t all get a chance to recite our whole story, it was still a fun time, and I was at least able to unleash the killer first line, which seemed to go down pretty well.