A Few Things I Have Written

Over the years, I’ve used this blog for several things: commenting on pop culture, dissecting sketch comedy, reviewing every Genesis album (which I swear I will get back to some day). I’ve only rarely used it for actual promotion, mainly because I haven’t had too much to promote. But I’ve had several things published within the past few months. Check out these articles, have a chuckle, share, and go ahead and clap at me on Medium if you’re feeling really sassy.

Greener Pastures
To Make Great Finger Puppets, You Must Purge Yourself of All Happiness

Oh, you thought creating whimsical children’s toys was about FUN? Time to leave your Gepetto dreams behind.

Broadway Beat
TKTS Introduces New Post-Vaccine “Bobbing for Mezzanine Seats” Bucket

As of August 2021 I am still worried this will actually become a real thing.

An Audubon Guide To The Weird Sounds Coming From The Hallway Outside My Apartment At 3:00 AM

Birding for anxious insomniacs who can’t stop thinking about the murderer coming up the steps.

I Am the Genie of the HR Lamp Here to Grant You Three Magical Sick Days

Behold! You have been granted three chances to do whatever you want…but use them wisely!

Points in Case (as Andy Hughes)

This Blacksmith’s Forge is the Perfect Family-Friendly Summer Activity

Let’sSmith: A fun, high-intensity opportunity for you and your loved ones to smack dangerously hot metal with hammers.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

I Am an Alien Ambassador and I Only Wish to Speak to Your Richest Human

Do you think SERIOUSLY we traveled this many light years to talk to non-billionaires?


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