My Work


W. A. “Andy” Hughes has written numerous essays, reviews, short stories and humorous top ten lists for various folks around the web and in print. He’s been featured in blogs, online magazines, and the official publication of the American College of Chest Physicians (yes, really).

If you’ve already checked out these links and are interested in seeing more of my work, please email me at Remember to check back here often: this page will (hopefully) be updated as I get the chance to write more stuff!

Points in Case (as Andy Hughes)

I May Literally Wear Many Hats, But I’m Actually Really Terrible At Multitasking

This Blacksmith’s Forge is the Perfect Family-Friendly Summer Activity

Ranking the Summer Lineup from Craigslist’s New Streaming Service

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Every Album By [Artist/Band], Ranked From Worst to Best

I Am an Alien Ambassador and I Only Wish to Speak to Your Richest Human


An Audubon Guide To The Weird Sounds Coming From The Hallway Outside My Apartment At 3:00 AM

I Am the Genie of the HR Lamp Here to Grant You Three Magical Sick Days

I Picked a Bad Name for My Website That Only Sells Fans

Introducing “The Beatles Retrospective Retrospective”

Broadway Beat

TKTS Introduces New Post-Vaccine “Bobbing for Mezzanine Seats” Bucket

Greener Pastures

I Proudly Suffer From Acid No-Fucks Disease

To Make Great Finger Puppets, You Must Purge Yourself of All Happiness

Vulture (for Splitsider, as Andy Hughes)

Talking Storytelling and Standup with Selena Coppock

What It’s Like to Take Steve Martin’s Comedy MasterClass

What Makes Historical Comedy Tick?

The Escapist (as Andy Hughes)

The Professor Oak Personality Index

A look at a different way to evaluate individuals’ personalities using some familiar categories (well, familiar for gamers anyway…).

One and Done

Why it’s ok to not be “hardcore” about playing some videogames more than once.

Book Reviews for Paste Magazine

The Graphic Canon: Volume 2

A look at Russ Kick’s extremely ambitious project to anthologize visual treatments of the greatest works of world literature.

Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish

David Rakoff’s final work, an odd but intriguing narrative poem about life, death and compromises.


An attempt at a literary blockbuster that aimed to be immersive but ultimately, in my opinion, fell a little flat.

Other Works

Gargoyle Magazine Issue 58

My poem “The Tentacle Shop” appeared in the fittingly titled “WTF” issue of Gargoyle Magazine.


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